Magic Rosin

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A premium rosin for all stringed instruments in a clear plastic container -- enough rosin to last most people a year! Magic Rosin contains only highly purified and modified tree resins. There are no other ingredients or fillers. It provides excellent friction and resistance while maintaining a clean, complex sound. Maqic rosin adheres easily to the bow and strings. Magic Rosin has been purified to such a degree that it is virtually clear, so you can see sparkles and images through it! It's not only fun, but it is a professional quality, premium grade rosin.

What is different about Magic Rosin?

Magic Rosin is formulated with only modified and purified pine resins originally developed for other industries including the food industry. A combination of these highly purified tree rosins, with no other ingredients, gives Magic Rosin its clean, warm sound. String players are happy to learn there are no dyes or other fillers, like waxes and oils, in the rosin.
Magic Rosin's clear appearance allows us to pour it on different papers and objects creating cool, fun effects.

Does Magic Rosin perform differently than other rosins?
You may find Magic Rosin to adhere to the bow and the strings more easily than other rosins. This may be due to the lack of waxes and other additives. Also, Magic Rosin, due to its modifications may be more stable in differing weather conditions.

Why is Magic Rosin almost clear?
Because it's been modified and purified to such a degree and also there are no dyes added. Another factor in the clearness is that Magic Rosin is hand-poured under very strict conditions by a professional cellist who cares about the product and understands the necessities of timing in relation to the outcome of the product.