Andrea Rosin Solo

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The new Andrea rosins are in a case which measures approx 5 cm in diameter and is 2.5 cm tall. The rosin block itself is approx 4 cm in diameter and 1.5 cm tall. Bought and used by professionals, this rosin is well worth every penny for the sound that it draws out. 3 - 4 swipes of your bow over the rosin is enough. You could look at it as 50p a week for a year or thereabouts!

Solo Rosin: Gives a pure, clean and projecting sound that soloists love. This isn't marketing speak - this stuff is seriously good. (Solo rosins were also known under the names Paganini for violin, David for viola, and Casals for cello). "Even in a blind test comparing this with the previous versions, we were able to tell the difference very clearly. This new rosin is simply superb and will make a wonderful difference to your playing!"

Each block is made by hand in the USA from a select blend of the highest quality ingredients under the direction of professional New York violinist Peter Bahng (Sang-Wook). You may remember that ANDREA rosin was made by Andrea Bang several years ago under the name Tartini (not to be confused with New Tartini which is a different product)..