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When speaking of cello case of carbon fiber, Accord cases are the reference. Used by many professionals, acclaimed in Germany, the reputation of these cases is more to do.

We are the first Acoord retailer in France, and as we have a great experience of the product, This is the reason why we now offer the Pro Line

Pro line

Redesigned suspension: what is a box that supports shock if the cello does not have a multilateral suspension ?

The original suspension was like in many other case: with as a very low damping factor. This will not protect your instrument effectively if he falls flat further more, the neoprene material used in the standard protections could sometimes leaving marks on the instruments with tender the varnish, and the side suspensions were pressuring sides of the cello, which is not ideal in case of impact. Finaly the neck was not sustained.
With the Pro Series all the suspension are thought to ensure optimal protection of your cello. They aim to prevent the cello from touching the case. The cushions of the pro series are covered with a soft velvet gentle with instruments with fragile varnish, the side cushions are bevelled in order to limit the pressure on the sides, and the handle is obviously supported.

Improved stability:
The Pro line include much more stable feet that walk home, a nice touch that makes use of more comfortable everyday bag.

Order your Accord flight case either in the trademark "3d colour" finish or varnished in plain RAL colour of your choice!

(Please note, that in spite of our large stock of Accord cases, we may have to order the case in your preferred colour. The delivery time may take 10-12 weeks.)

Dimension table of ACCORD Cello Case

cello case case inner
case inner
width upper c-bout
case inner
width lower c-bout
case inner
height bridge area
ACCORD cello case
1315 mm 385 mm 466 mm 292 mm
ACCORD cello case
1315 mm 420 mm 498 mm 306 mm
ACCORD cello case
1285 mm 384 mm 460 mm 292 mm
ACCORD cello case
1235 mm 375 mm 457 mm

265 mm

The cello should have at least 5 mm clearance to the case shell
Accord Case
Standard (2.8Kg)

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