Les Grands Archetiers Français

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"Les Grands Archetiers Français", will is the first publication with full size bow of the Greatest bow makers of the XVII century.

For the first time you will be able to discover and admire in full size the rare work the Great French Master on the transition period.
The XVIII century was an era of great changes , the close relation between Players, composer and bow maker made po

ssible the research and the innovation that ultimately lead not only to a revolution in the way of the violin was being played but also in the way bow were made.
This publication was made possible thanks to the collaboration of Jean François Raffin, Sylvain Bigot ,Yanick le Canu, Frédéric Levi and Arthur Dubroca.

Four exquisite deluxe posters printed on glossy 250gsm coated varnished art paper, each picturing five bows representing the evolution in style of each maker, with a shared chronological time line allowing a better view and understanding of those Master in there time.

Poster size is 841 x 594 mm / 33.1 x 23.4 in

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Nicolas Duchaine I&II